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Many employees must deal with workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, or the aftermath of a wrongful termination in the Pomona, CA area. If so, a dedicated Pomona employment lawyer from Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, may be able to help. At our law firm, founding attorney Omid Nosrati and his experienced legal team understand the challenges associated with employment law claims in California.

Through compassionate, accessible, and effective legal representation, we are able to alleviate some of the stress of a challenging time. If you are considering pursuing any claim related to harassment, discrimination, or other workplace issues, please contact our firm for a confidential consultation at your earliest convenience. We are committed to seeking justice for the working people of the Pomona area.

Pomona Employment Lawyer

Reasons to Work With Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation

Navigating a claim related to a workplace issue can be an extremely complex project, so having talented legal representation on your side can make a tremendous difference. Not only can an attorney help relieve the stress of your case, but they can also increase the amount of an eventual judgment or settlement.

Many California employers are large corporations with vast resources and dedicated in-house legal teams. Negotiating and litigating against these entities effectively requires a very particular set of skills, which the employment law team at Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, is well-versed in. We don’t just understand California law and federal labor and civil rights codes; we also understand the everyday emotional and financial implications that accompany these cases for the real people involved in them.

When you’re ready to take action against an employer’s abusive, negligent, or illegal actions in Pomona, CA, the team at Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, can provide you with straightforward legal guidance and comprehensive support throughout the process. Here are some of the reasons why we stand out in the crowded market for legal services in Southern California:

Focus on Workers

Unlike some so-called “full service” law firms, representing employees isn’t merely one of many legal services we provide. At Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, helping California workers with legal issues is the very core of our operation. In fact, since the firm’s founding over 20 years ago, our clientele has been almost exclusively made up of hard-working Californians facing employment disputes; many of whom have walked away with six- and seven-figure settlements with our help.

Commitment to Justice

We do this because it matters. Hard-working, everyday people are the strength of our society and the various industries that fuel it. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and fairness in the workplace, regardless of what their line of business is. We’re not just in this to chase settlements; we’re committed to fighting for your rights as a worker.

Proven Success Record

We’ve built our reputation on two decades worth of results for the working people of Southern California. With a wealth of combined success in all facets of employment and labor law, our team has the knowledge and legal acumen to handle even the most complex or niche cases. We have successfully represented a diverse range of clients in an array of employment disputes, discrimination cases, sexual harassment suits, wrongful termination claims, wage and hour issues, and more.

Personalized Attention

At Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, we understand that every case is a totally unique situation. We don’t offer quick, standardized solutions designed to merely get any settlement offer. Our team takes the time to listen to your story, carefully analyze all available evidence, and use it to craft the most effective legal strategy for your situation. We can collaborate closely with you at every step to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your individual goals and desired outcomes.

Maximized Compensation

Justice is a wonderful thing, but you also need to be paid for the damages done to you. Our legal strategies are designed to leverage California’s powerful worker protections to maximize compensation packages. Our team includes skilled negotiators who can uphold your interests and refuse to let employers and their agents intimidate you. When negotiations aren’t enough, we’re prepared to litigate fiercely on your behalf.

Flexible Billing Practices

Quality legal assistance can be a major investment for working people, and, unfortunately, that level of investment prevents some workers from ever seeking justice. That’s why at Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, we take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you can receive effective legal services with no upfront payment required.

Instead of clients having to come up with the funds to pay a high hourly rate for legal services, we simply receive a portion of the settlement if the case has been resolved in our client’s favor.

Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation – Employment Law Practice Areas

“Employment law” may seem like a rather narrow area of the legal system, but the term actually represents a rather broad category under which there are many vastly different types of cases. The Pomona employment law team at Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, is prepared to handle them all, including:

  • Discrimination – If you have been discriminated against in the workplace based on a protected characteristic, such as your race, gender, age, or disability, we can help you seek justice and hold your employer (or former employer) responsible.
  • Sexual Harassment – No one should have to endure gender-based harassment or unwanted sexual advances while trying to do their job. If you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, our team can work tirelessly to assert your rights and ensure that the responsible party–or parties–are held accountable for this intolerable behavior.
  • Wrongful Termination – If you have been wrongfully terminated from a job, such as in retaliation for protected whistleblowing activity, we can help you fight to secure justice, including fair compensation for your lost income.
  • Wage and Hour Violations – According to some analyses, wage theft is the most prevalent form of theft, yet it remains one of the most unpunished as well. Employers routinely make illegal changes to schedules or payrolls without facing any repercussions in criminal court, unlike an employee would if the theft were the other way around. We aim to change this injustice by holding employers fully accountable. If your wages were wrongfully cut or withheld, contact us for help.
  • Whistleblower Cases – Whistleblowing (reporting unsafe or illegal activity at your workplace) is an important act that is protected by federal law. If you are facing retaliation from an employer after making the brave choice to blow the whistle, we can help you use the robust whistleblower protections enshrined in our nation’s laws to seek compensation.
  • Class Actions – In some scenarios, the most legally viable strategy may be for many employees (and/or former employees) of the same company or organization to band together to file a single, powerful claim. This type of multi-plaintiff action is called a class action claim, with the “class” in this instance referring to the workers at a particular facility or company.
  • Disability Cases – California and federal laws also have comprehensive protections and accommodations for differently abled workers. If you are being denied work opportunities due to a disability, or if your employer refuses to make reasonable accommodations for you to do your work comfortably and safely, we can guide you through the process of taking legal action to rectify the situation.
  • Pregnancy and Parental Issues – If you’re facing problems such as harassment, unfair demotions, or cut hours at work and you suspect that it’s because you’re pregnant (and/or planning to take parental leave), this, too, is a serious violation of employment laws. New parents and expectant mothers deserve respect. When an employer fails to give it, they can be held legally accountable.

Meet Founding Attorney Omid Nosrati

Our mission to bring powerful legal solutions to the people of Pomona can be traced back to founding attorney Omid Nosrati’s own life story as a hard-working immigrant who had to overcome discrimination. This experience led him to pursue an education at UCLA and Loyola and then a career as an attorney focusing on plaintiff’s rights. He then started his own firm in 2003, with a focus on supporting workers facing discrimination.

Nosrati now heads up a deep roster of talented attorneys under the successful Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, banner. He is admitted to practice in the State of California, as well as the central, eastern, and southern California districts of the U.S. District Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has received the “Superlawyer” distinction for more than five years in a row, has been acknowledged as a Top 100 California Labor and Employment Lawyer, and enjoys a 10 out of 10 “superb” rating on AVVO.


Q: What Is Unfair Termination of Employment in California?

A: “Unfair termination” typically refers to any unlawful dismissal of an employee from their job. This can refer to a variety of unjust termination causes, such as discrimination, retaliation for protected activity, or firings that violate the terms of a specific employment contract. Employees have legal protections against unfair termination under both state and federal laws, and they may be entitled to compensation if a court finds that their rights have been violated by an employer.

Q: What Is Unique About California Employment Law?

A: California’s employment laws stand out for their comprehensive protections for workers, and some consider it one of the most worker-friendly states in the nation due to a number of regulations aimed at promoting workplace safety and equality. Of course, this can vary from industry to industry and individual to individual.

Even with comprehensive worker protections in place, employers still enjoy a great deal of power and influence in California, so skilled legal help may be necessary to uphold your rights when pursuing employment claims.

Q: What Are Common California Labor Law Violations?

A: Some of the more common labor law violations that occur in California include:

  • Failure to properly calculate overtime
  • Failure to pay the legal minimum wage
  • Misclassification of employees as “contractors” to avoid paying benefits
  • Failing to properly pay for on-call hours
  • Denying legally mandated breaks
  • Firing employees for illegal reasons (wrongful termination)

Unfortunately, many employers get away with such activities, but the legal system can be used to hold them accountable, and those who are found guilty can face fines and other penalties.

Q: Can You Be Fired Without Warning in California?

A: Unfortunately, yes, you can be fired from most California jobs without any warning and even without any reason given. In California, most employment relationships are “at will,” meaning that they can be terminated at any time by either party, with or without cause. The exception is if the reason behind the termination is explicitly illegal (someone being fired for discriminatory reasons, for example). In these cases, it may be possible to seek restitution through a wrongful termination claim.

Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation – Powerful Employment Law Solutions for the Working People of Pomona

If you are facing an employment law concern in Pomona or the surrounding area, don’t wait to take action. Contact Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, today to schedule a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced Pomona employment lawyer. We can use the consultation process to help you understand your rights and options under the law. It can also help you get a feel for the financial aspects of getting legal help.

If financial constraints have made you hesitant to seek legal help, you may be encouraged to know that we only take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you owe nothing upfront for legal services from Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation.

Instead, we get paid a percentage of your eventual settlement or judgment if the case has concluded in your favor. We consider this a win-win model that allows us to break financial barriers and offer effective legal services to more working Californians.

Do not let workplace injustices go unanswered. Contact us today by phone or through our online form to schedule a no-pressure, no-risk consultation. We can help you secure the compensation–and respectful treatment–you deserve. In this trying time, trust Nosratilaw, A Professional Law Corporation, to be your advocate in the pursuit of workplace justice.

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