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Category: Workplace Discrimination

Your Rights as a Pregnant Worker in California

Posted in Pregnancy Discrimination,Workplace Discrimination on February 21, 2019

More than 68 million women are in the United States workforce, and about 75% of them will become pregnant at some point during their employment. Prior to the passing of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, it was not uncommon for an employer to simply fire a pregnant employee so the employer would not lose… read more

What Is Quid Pro Quo Harassment in the Workplace

Posted in Sexual Harassment,Workplace Discrimination on February 20, 2019

Sexual discrimination in the workplace is an unacceptable offense that comes in many forms. An employer or coworker who makes sexually suggestive comments, overt sexual remarks, or engages in any unwanted contact creates a hostile work environment for the victim. One of the most common forms of sexual harassment in the workplace is quid pro… read more

Bystander Effect of Workplace Harassment

Posted in Sexual Harassment,Workplace Discrimination on September 27, 2018

Many workplace harassment incidents don’t only involve the victim and the perpetrator. Instead, many members of the office or corporation may be aware that something illegal is occurring, yet never report a problem. The culture of silence surrounding workplace harassment has gotten in the way of legal action, arrests, and justice in the past. Spotting… read more

Is sexual orientation discrimination equal to sex discrimination?

Posted in Firm News,Workplace Discrimination on September 29, 2017

The Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage represented a milestone for the LGBT community. Their long, hard-fought battle to be placed on legal footing with opposite-sex marriage culminated in a key victory. However, another fight continues. The hallmark achievement two years ago now serves as a prelude to ending discrimination in another setting. The Workplace… read more

Three tips for pregnant employees

Posted in Firm News,Workplace Discrimination on September 23, 2017

Getting a job in today’s marketplace may be easier compared to past years. But if you are a pregnant woman, the road to a job may still be as difficult as when the last depression killed jobs. This is because not every employer understands (or follows) the rules governing pregnant workers and may discriminate against… read more

Women file class action against Google claiming unequal pay

Posted in Firm News,Workplace Discrimination on September 19, 2017

Three female plaintiffs have filed suit against Google and hope to have the lawsuit certified as a class action. They claim that the internet giant routinely pays women substantially less than men for similar work. This violates the California Equal Pay Act and other anti-discrimination laws. Moreover, they claim the company thwarts advancement by women…. read more

California’s employment protections for disabled workers

Posted in Firm News,Workplace Discrimination on July 13, 2017

Just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean they won’t be able to perform their job. Some, however, need different work arrangements in order to perform their work duties compared to co-workers that don’t have a disability. California law allows employees and job applicants with a disability to ask for reasonable accommodations. It also requires employers to… read more

New protections for transgender, gender-nonconforming workers in effect

Posted in Firm News,Workplace Discrimination on July 7, 2017

While most people associate the days in and around the July 4th holiday with fireworks and barbeques, it’s actually a significant time from a legal standpoint. That’s because July 1 is typically the day on which the state’s new laws, rules and regulations officially take effect. Indeed, consider that as of this past Saturday, employers… read more

Study finds physician mothers are not immune to workplace discrimination

Posted in Firm News,Workplace Discrimination on June 1, 2017

While there is a tendency to think that certain white collar professions are perhaps immune to discrimination owing to the education, skill set and education of workers, this is far from the reality. Indeed, those harboring any doubts should consider a recently published study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine by researchers at the University… read more

Law would ‘level the playing field’ for older employees

Posted in Firm News,Workplace Discrimination on April 26, 2017

As our blog has discussed before, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the historic measure that expressly prohibits employment discrimination based on age, should grant workers age 40 and older considerable reassurance. While it’s a somewhat frightening prospect to imagine where we would be without the ADEA, the unfortunate reality is that age… read more

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