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California Minimum Wage Law [2024 Updated]

Posted in Wage & Hour Laws on April 7, 2024

If you are an employee in California, you need to be informed of the California minimum wage law. As of April 1st, 2024, the minimum wage requirement for several employers in California was raised to $20 an hour. This is much higher than the federal minimum wage requirement of $7.25. As a California employee, it’s… read more

Los Angeles, CA Wage and Hour Laws 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted in Wage & Hour Laws on October 26, 2023

If you find yourself facing a complicated dispute with your employer over wages and hours or you want to learn more about your rights, a Los Angeles wage and hours attorney can help you. They will do everything in their power to fight for you in a wage or hour conflict, no matter how stressful…. read more

California Sick Leave Laws & Entitlements

Posted in Wage & Hour Laws on October 17, 2022

California has some of the most employee-friendly laws in the country. Most employers in the state have to obey certain laws that require them to provide paid or unpaid medical and family leave. Understanding the rights you have as a worker in California can help you request sick leave and fight for sick days or… read more

Llamas Press Release

Posted in Employment Law,Wage & Hour Laws on June 11, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 10, 2021 Employment litigation attorney Omid Nosrati announced today that his firm, on behalf of Plaintiff Alejandra Llamas, filed a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange against Trader Joe’s Company. Ms. Llamas alleges that she was issued a written warning after making several verbal complaints… read more

Hopkins Press Release

Posted in Employment Law,Wage & Hour Laws on June 4, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 1, 2021 – First Day of Pride Month – Los Angeles, CA Employment litigation attorneys Michael Zarocostas and Omid Nosrati announced today that they have filed an employment discrimination lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against The Walt Disney Company, ABC Signature Studios, Inc., and Riverside Television Services, LLC, on behalf… read more

Can Your Employer Terminate You for Performance Issues Caused by Your Disability?

Posted in Employment Law,Wage & Hour Laws,Wrongful Termination on April 26, 2021

Being terminated for performance issues caused by a disability is not only unfair, it is probably illegal as well. In the federal appellate case of Humphrey v. Memorial Hospitals Association, the court said that for purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act (with a few exceptions, such as alcoholism or illegal drug use), conduct resulting… read more

California Supreme Court: Employers Cannot Round Time For Meal Breaks

Posted in Employment Law,Firm News,Wage & Hour Laws on April 18, 2021

Recently, The California Supreme Court in Donohue v. AMN Services, LLC decided “that employers cannot engage in the practice of rounding time punches — that is, adjusting the hours that an employee has actually worked to the nearest preset time increment — in the meal period context. The meal period provisions are designed to prevent… read more

Associational Discrimination and How it Relates to COVID-19

Posted in Employment Law,Firm News,Wage & Hour Laws,Workplace Discrimination on April 17, 2021

Imagine asking for an accommodation at work so you can help a family member with a disability and you get terminated for making the request? Imagine in another scenario, your employer grants you the request but then terminates you shortly after? Is that discrimination, even though you are not the one who had the disability?… read more

Unemployment and Wrongful Termination

Posted in Wage & Hour Laws,Workers Compensation,Workplace Discrimination,Wrongful Termination on March 5, 2021

When someone loses their job, it can be an upheaval that affects every area of their life, including their sense of purpose. The effects of employment termination, especially when one has invested countless hours and energy into their job, can have severe negative psychological impacts as well as financial. This can be compounded by not… read more

State Fines California McDonald’s Franchisee for Retaliation

Posted in Firm News,Retaliation,Wage & Hour Laws,Workers Compensation on February 23, 2021

Between April and August of last year, workers at a McDonald’s franchise in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles made verbal complaints to their managers about the restaurant’s safety and health conditions. Then, in June and July, they joined in strikes meant to protest the lack of precautions the company had been taking to… read more