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Fired After COVID-19? You May Have a Wrongful Termination Claim

Posted in Wrongful Termination on August 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to shift the way they conduct business on a daily basis to ensure the safety of their employees and their customers. Many people have transitioned to working from home thanks to telecommunication technology, but the change has not been easy for everyone. Current lockdown policies in place throughout… read more

5 Situations When Being Fired May Be Wrongful Termination

Posted in Wrongful Termination on August 5, 2020

Wrongful termination is a somewhat nebulous legal term. Many people misconstrue the meaning behind a wrongful termination. These cases are very difficult to prove, especially due to the “at-will” employment laws in effect across the United States. However, there are some situations in which wrongful termination is more obvious. Consider the following five scenarios and… read more

When Can You Sue an Employer for Wrongful Termination?

Posted in Wrongful Termination on August 5, 2020

It’s not uncommon for employees who lose their jobs to wonder if they have been wrongfully terminated, especially when an employer offers a vague explanation for the firing or no explanation at all. Wrongful termination is an often-misunderstood legal concept that only applies to a very specific set of circumstances. It occurs when an employee… read more

New 2020 Law Prohibits “No Rehire” Provisions

Posted in Workplace Discrimination on March 27, 2020

When employees file a claim against an employer for harassment in the workplace, oftentimes, as part of a settlement offer, employers would include a “no-rehire” provision to ensure that the victim of harassment is never allowed to work for their company in the future. While many employees and employers oftentimes mutually agree to part ways… read more

California’s Meal and Rest Laws 2019

Posted in Wage & Hour Laws on August 6, 2019

California is one of the best places to live as an employee in America. California’s employment laws generally favor employees, with extensive medical leave benefits and strong anti-discrimination laws. California also has meal and rest break requirements all employers must obey, or else face penalties. Understanding California’s current meal and rest break rules could help… read more

Can an Employer Ask for Proof of Disability?

Posted in Discrimination on July 24, 2019

As someone with a disability in America, you have rights and protections under federal law. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects you from issues such as employment discrimination and harassment. Your disability is a protected class, meaning employers and coworkers cannot exhibit biases against you because of your incapacity. It is also your right… read more

Your Rights as a Cancer Patient in the Workplace in California

Posted in Discrimination on July 23, 2019

Finding out you have cancer is hard enough without also having to deal with requesting time off work, explaining your situation to your boss and dealing with workplace discrimination. The National Cancer Institute estimates over 1.7 million new cancer cases arise each year. More than 40% of cancer patients are working adults. You are not… read more

Are Rideshare Drivers Employees?

Posted in Firm News on June 19, 2019

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies have been at the center of an employment law controversy almost since their inception. Unlike taxi companies, ridesharing services do not classify their drivers as employees. Instead, they classify them as independent contractors in all 50 states. This makes rideshare drivers ineligible to receive benefits promised to employees under… read more

California Sick Leave Laws & Entitlements 2019

Posted in Wage & Hour Laws on June 17, 2019

California has some of the most employee-friendly laws in the country. Most employers in the state have to obey certain laws that require them to provide paid or unpaid medical and family leave. Understanding the rights you have as a worker in California can help you request sick leave and fight for sick days or… read more

How Can I Prove Sexual Harassment With No Witnesses?

Posted in Sexual Harassment on May 15, 2019

Sexual harassment is a pervasive problem in the workplace. The most recent year data is available, nearly 30% of all charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) dealt with sexual discrimination, including sexual harassment. If someone sexually harassed you in the workplace, you have every right to seek justice and restitution. Even if… read more

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